Wednesday, April 3, 2019

National Poetry Month

2 April, 2019

Dear Poet, Writer, Versifier,

It can be slam, or a sonnet, or sometimes a hip-hop finesse, that is a quicksilver key slid into the slot and turned around the axis of a pen, freeing the pins and swinging the hasp so that the voice may breathe the life-verse that moves the universe within each being:  the near ones and far ones, any sort of sized ones, rainbow coloured ones, those low to the ground and nearer to clouds and those needing a stick to steady their groove. Each being.

We are each and we are all, poetry on the move.  We are heartbeat and eye blink, we are finger snap and love.  We are footfall and arm swing, breath and the flow of blood; we are language and life and senses and silly; we are, and yes I am repeating myself, Love. And by that I mean we have joy and sorrow and wound and hope; we have potential and promise and the need for others so write and open the door. So read the work of your neighbours who opened their doors to you.

Who we are, all that we are, shapes the language we use and how we combine it.  What your words become, the possible permutation, is for you to encounter—is an act of elation.

Using the palette within the ink, poet...begin your creation.

The world is waiting, the world is in need; You are a poem...let your art feed.

Happy National Poetry Month!

Kimberly M. King, RSCJ

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