Sunday, March 24, 2019

Simply Springtime

Ahhh spring...fertile time for observers of creation.

Among other dogs I’ve encountered over these last several days of longer walks under skies of broad blue, I have met Lupin, the greyhound, who loved being loved on and leaned right in for as much as she could get.  I also met a dog that absolutely galumphed across a park and away from her owner, looking at me the whole while....and, believe me or not, the dog was smiling.  She threw on the brakes in front of me and the woman following her huffed up behind her.  Does wonders for the self-esteem, I said.  The other human laughed knowingly and caught her breath while Lolly and I became enthusiastically acquainted. She held a dance-party for one; I was able to reach in and offer scratchy-ruffles that delighted and brought her four-paw boogie to a momentary simmer.

Two crows were building a nest together high up in an old tree on a corner near where a friend lives.  Each one was breaking off twigs and winging around to add them to the foundation already in place a bit further up the tree.  Their harmony together and the mutuality of the act both touched me.  Build it strong, I prayed...Keep your family safe...

Doors along the streets were propped open to catch a still-cool breeze as I went walking today.  Doors that included one storefront with a sign advertising its offerings:  Waxing! Piercing! Tattoos and Massage!  I laughed at myself because my first thought was...I'm not sure all of that should happen at the same place. Yet, clearly they have enough business to sustain themselves.

Some of that business, I am sure, comes from the students who are back from break in gaggles, clutches, and droves.  The buzz they bring with them is sometimes part of the background noise that helps me concentrate in the public places where I sometimes choose to write.  Rather than edgeless quiet, it provides a boundary against which I can settle my mind, much like a wing-back chair for the body as opposed to a stool.

The students were not to be found in Victoria park on my way home, however.  What was there instead...

was a wakeful peace that hummed just below the snow-melt soaked earth.  Ahh...Spring.

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