Friday, November 30, 2007

Draft-y Weather

I spent the better part of my lunch period today hunched over a poetic map covered in circles, arrows, crossouts, and words that were only able to be interpreted by the one driving the pencil. No GPS could have helped me arrive at my destination any sooner, nor could any computerized print out have allowed for the creative detouring I did. Those on the road beside me heard me muttering options to myself and bore witness to the erratic steering that came from trying to simultaneously eat and follow the map I had made.

Thing is, though, I am happy with where I ended up and am not too sure I would alter the process one whit. There might be a more direct route, but for me, there is something to be said for being intimately involved with the necessary tools. I want to touch my words and be able to rearrange the path I travel if something attracts me around a surprise bend.

In a way, this is the way I want to live as well as write. Connected to what is real--including the imagination. Not afraid to explore. Not afraid of the journey. Open to editing when my actions need revision, all with the bigger picture in mind.

With the temperature dropping, the smell of pine beginning to fill street corners as tree sellers set up their wintery wares, and the large candle wreath appearing at church, I can't help but connect this to Advent...a time of following the light where it may lead. Who ever could have known?

Advent II 2007

It Has Begun

It could be wishful imagining,
fanciful thoughts to warm my mind
while on this cosmic journey.

But in a moment passing,
on a frosted edge of wind,
I thought I heard
a day’s end word
of joy go singing by.

It echoed high, from star to star,
igniting a vibrant chord
that sparked across the galaxy
and turned my breath
into shimmering moon bright cold.

Yes, it could be wishful imagining.

If indeed it is,
what prismatic illusions
are brought about
when alone, awake, and dreaming!

But oh if it is not,
what an evening,
what a walk,
what a wholly wondrous time
I have begun.

Monday, November 26, 2007

A New Venture

Many people have asked me when I would begin my own blog. Until now, I managed to find the necessary reasons to put it off. Time. Material. Concern for how it would be received. But, a fellow blogger and friend has inspired me with his brilliant, tender, writing put out there for readers to view. I do this sort of thing already-- though informally. This more public leap is a bold one for me and the beginning of Advent seems an appropriate time to set out on such a journey of faith.

Welcome, friends. Let us go, then, you and I.

Advent I 2007

All of the Wise Journey

In my nighttime winter wander
toward the radiant Word becoming,
anoint me, star bright God,
with the oil of gladness.
And, oh more than please,
let it not be with only a little.

I want to feel it
seep and smooth
into my veins, my heart, my joints
that I might speak with ease of Glory;
that I might kneel in awe
at the close of a luminous journey,
burning within at the wonder
of what I have become
and what I will then behold.