Saturday, April 6, 2019

A Vision of Heaven; Help with the Dishes

Someone asked me recently about my vision of heaven,,,and then I made soup...

A Vision of Heaven or,  Help with the Dishes

A jukebox stretching
from Handel to hip-hop
in the corner of a kitchen;
A dutch oven, a sharp chef blade;
a cast iron skillet and a heavy bottom
two quart pot with a lid.
Counters for working:
chopping, writing, thinking.
A stool or three and sturdy
mismatched colourful plates.
A kettle on the stove and pleasing
mugs for the prayer that is the first sip
of morning glory and afternoon restoration.
There’s a table with room for friends and
not too big for one; a tapestry woven
of sunlight and birdsong, seasonal blues,
and threads the silver consistency of moon.

Here, love is love is love is love;
Here, peace is abundant and the quiet
is comfortable; here is welcome
and home and our
conversation that takes up
where we left off, conversation
about the ways of things and the wonder;
about mystery and glory and sensuality;
about mercy, forgiveness, compassion, and grace;
about my humanity and your divinity;
Here is about you and me and the world.
Here is where I can let go and listen
to your open, freely offered,
no fixed recipe, except bring what you’ve got,
and who you are and your musings and curiosities,
let me help with the dishes,
Heart of All-in Love.

Kimberly M. King, RSCJ

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