Saturday, November 6, 2010

Further Thoughts on Poverty

...poverty is being in a place where you know dispair or misery is just on the other side of a very thin line and you are doing everything possible to not cross over. To be there with others is living this vow in fullness to me.

To stand alongside and help someone look for the face of God ; and to stand with God and be that face, that attitude, that act of love.

It occurs to me that I might just have learned something new about what it means to be transparent. To put myself on that thin line...

To put myself on that thin line...

The line is where Jesus walks. Being the face, revealing the face, opening eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts to recognize...

Thursday, November 4, 2010


(With thanks to GM Hopkins for his line for Christ plays in 10,000 places)

Let me live openly,
simply, as you
who play in ten thousand places.

Let me live loosely
in all but relationship to you,
the fire that beckons and gathers and warms-

and dies and rises in glory and is discovered
in wonder and by the calling of our names.
You send us to tell the others...

Help me live where you play and weep and walk
and learn to move unbound, unrestricted,
as one enfolded in the whole cloth of love.

Face to the sun, ear to the story,
heart to the new day, hands to the task
of helping spin hope from the unraveled threads

of what is scuffed along, too much to be borne alone.