Friday, October 30, 2009


Friday Five From Rev Gals!!

Dramatic or fairly common - what have been/are your lifesavers:

1) Your lifesaving food/beverage.

Food...two things come to mind. One, remembering the absolute Nirvana of pretzels when I was so very sick once and had lost so much liquid (and salt). Two, peanut butter! When all else fails, there´s nothing like it. You can use it in a sauce, you can use it as a dip (baby carrots swiped through is a personal fave), plop it in your hot oatmeal and stir, or... peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Also goes well along side a scoop of ice cream in lieu of chocolate sauce...or in addition to that chocolate sauce. To add one more, I did recently burst into a grin upon finding peppermint Mentos at an abarrotes near here and promptly bought three rolls.

Beverage...Three are on an even par... Cold water, really cold 2% milk, and strong coffee.

2) Your lifesaving article of clothing.

This one hits home...or in my case, far away from home. What I could bring to Chile was limited. The BEST choice I made was to include a thin, soft, snug-comfy, navy blue fleece. It is soft and comforting in its material, folds down to easily stuffable size, and is just enough of another layer to cut morning fog and chill.

3) Your lifesaving movie/book/tv show/music.

Book....three. Leaves of Grass, Mr. God this is Anna, and The Magnificent Spinster. (I´m not including the Bible because that´s a given)

Movie... Fried Green Tomatoes, Dead Poet´s Society, The Grass Harp

4) Your lifesaving friends

They know who they are. Two of the longest standing...One, I have known for 26 years, since eighth grade, and she did save me in high school. We decided a long time ago that we were in this friendship for life and I will always be grateful for that. She knows me deep down, we can talk about anything, and I know we will be there for each other. The other, I have known for 16 years. She makes me laugh from my toes on up, sings with passion, teaches with passion, cooks up a storm, is silly, and kind, and serious, and wonderful.

5) Your lifesaving moment.

What comes to mind for me is a series of conversations I had a number of years ago when I needed to loose the bonds that held me. The people who heard what I had to say responded with directness, love, generosity, trust, and kindness. I was then and still remain humbled by this. Humbled in awe, not smallness.


kathrynzj said...

Thanks for playing. As for the fleece? I totally get that!

Helen said...

Once, when superior in Coquimbo, I found a jar of peanut butter in a store; it was outdated but what a treat! I still remember the real consolation that old jar of peanut butter gave me. My community tried it, to be polite, but really did not see why I seemed to treasure this find.
I had to share that, Kim. I do love reading your blog. :)