Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Things Seen and Heard, 03-11-09

1. The silver frothed ocean through the green and craggy hills... I was riding in a micro and realized as I was watching the ocean pass by that the hills on the other side were reflected in the same window that provided my view. Both facets of glory were received gratefully in one sense-thirsty stare. It was so very, very, lovely.

2. A seemingly blind man begging on a street corner in perfect English

3. The exquisitely designed fuzzy inside of huge, huge, bean pods and the perfect little cradles that have the beans for dinner nestled within. The beans within the pod are removed, steamed or boiled, and served plain. They are eaten in a variety of ways--my favorite is to remove a tough but ultimately edible husk from the steamed beans, shake salt on the tender, buttery inner bean and pop in the mouth. Sort of like popcorn...

4. Monjita, ven acá, quiero darte un beso. Little/Dear/Sweet Nun, come here, I want to give you a kiss. I turned and there was a kindergartener all set to kiss my cheek...chocolate smeared lips and all.

5. ¿De verdad? Ella vive en su bolsillo? For real? She lives in your pocket? Yet another class of young children have met the verrrryyyy small, shy woman, who landed on my thumb one morning as I was walking and having my coffee. She had a fine and tiny hat on her head, a suitcase in one hand, and a tree leaf in the other. And yes, she happens to live in my pocket. Very shy, you understand... but awfully adventurous to come so far, don´t you think? Wait until you hear some of the other things she has done! I started this story in Grand Coteau and have brought it with me now to both Mexico and Chile... long live the imagination of young children.


Anonymous said...

Long live the imagination of beautiful, caring adults who amuse and love our children! Thanks for ALL your posts and know that there are delighted strangers out here laughing and praying along with you.

Kimberly said...

What a kind comment to receive! Thank you. You made my day!