Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Upon First Seeing

For a video of the renovations being done and more info--click here.

This is an excerpt from my journal after first being back in the main Church. I couldn’t find a place to sit that allowed room for the expanse of feeling moving around within me so I went to the back. And then out came the sacramentals of pen and paper… sometimes, you simply must pray.

Wow! Life! Light! Crispness and Clarity! As though I once was blind, but now—ah! The singing we do here these first Sundays feels like it is beginning to seal the work that has been done. New layers of life and living and feeling and glory and humanity’s reality are being offered—in a way, a chrism of praise is being applied to the freshly revealed…
I love that!

The bounce of the feeling in here begs for dancing. I can’t find a place to sit where I am comfortable because there is too much to see… not that I am in constant motion here in the back, but it feels free-er to me to be standing with space around—especially in this “new space” that is Xavier. Which, really, isn’t new, but simply re-awakened. Before, it was like being tucked in under blankets whose warm weight was secure and reassuring. Now, though, that weight has been lifted—much like when one moves from warm slumber into the stretching deep breath of wakefulness. Both feelings are wonderful, though different from one another.

Amen for the new day dawning!

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