Sunday, April 5, 2009

From the Journal

I was asked to pinch hit for proclaiming today. Isaiah. The Lord has given me a well-trained tongue.... morning after morning, God opens my ear that I may hear...

It isn't only ears and hearing though! This morning, I would add all of the senses in as I stand here and practice. God! You have opened my ears to HEAR the choir practicing, hear the notes, hear behind, within, and among the well-and-full-noted story they sing; eyes to SEE the glory of sunshine pouring in the open doors, the open windows, and tinted by story told in glass, pages that have worn over time yet remain paned chapters of beauty that captivates me; a nose to SMELL the incense that rises and reveals itself in sunbeams far above; a mouth to TASTE syllables of your Word--the roll, the crunch, the sweet, the chew; a heart and spirit to FEEL the synthesizing convergence of this wonder, wonder, wonder, and not be overcome...simply, exceedingly, grateful.

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