Friday, April 24, 2009

Credo, Part II

A continuation of Credo

Beyond believing, I know, yes, I know that my redeemer lives and I will rise, I will rise…rise on the cool stone steps of Word that speak to me in the valleys; I will walk because I see beyond any valley knowing there are others that await but raising my face to the vision I have been given by a God of hope, a-ha, and insight. I will go forth because I believe the valley can teach and I believe mystery is an omnipresent element yet to be added to the periodic table.

I can say that I hurt because I choose to love and that I thrive because of the same and that I can not imagine doing any less; I can say life is amazing and God is amazing and sometimes the line between smiling and weeping gets blurry and that’s just the way it is.

Beyond knowing, I believe in paying attention and watching for the trees and sharing the fruit; in taking in and taking note and taking time. I believe that there are reasons for measurements like eons and light years and joules because we need ways to think about the infinite and the infinitesimal. And, I believe in leaving some things to speak for themselves, unexplained and curious.

I can say that joy lives in my pocket along side a string of beads I finger when my mind wants soothing and a handkerchief of my father’s. Joy breathes in my heart, fills my spirit, and will not be overcome.

Beyond believing, I know that suns will continue to awaken and moons will nightly ease, that fallow times come and visions expand and wonders never abate; I know laughter helps and God enjoys riddles as well as the concise clarity of “I am.”

I believe too that I am, my neighbor is, and so are the daffodils and God sees it all and says “Yes. This, and so much more.”

And so I gather and so I go and I do not know some things.

Nonetheless, the invitation is mostly irresistible and thoroughly promising.

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