Thursday, August 8, 2019

Never, not Ever, Boring

I woke up singing ‘Galileo’ by the Indigo Girls.  This was followed by eating my breakfast alongside our seemingly despairing cat (read: SNOW JOB...) and brushing her into into peace once again.  I dressed, cleaned up after a family staying downstairs, and went out to go for a walk through the Public Gardens.  Passing the bus stop, I greeted Anna who attends many of the same poetry events I do.  I looped an outer block around the fence line of the Gardens first and encountered a man who is also a regular around-town walker.  I’ve only ever seen him in the company of a decorated wooden staff and wondered about what he did with it,  I wonder no longer.  He was using the end and flipping up litter with the grace and practice of a drum who marches to music I suspect not many others may notice.  “Thank you!” I called to him... receiving the most beautiful smile in return.  While doing a circuit of the dahlia beds,  I met a woman from nearby Sackville who was following nearly exactly in my footsteps.  She and I ended up in a fairly lengthy rich conversation about the multi-layered joy of the dahlias and the Gardens in general.  We spoke of mathematics and colour, of photography and seasons and history, of urban design and the peace found in nature.  My mind was clearly on as much of a wander as my feet because I proceeded to leave the Gardens and follow a couple right on into Thumpers...which would have been fine if I too wanted to get my haircut.  I didn’t.  Down I went a couple of doors and into Humani-T to work for a bit on correspondence that included looking at a document about a podcast I have begun hosting.  I ordered my flat white and went to the washroom.  When I came out, the barista—one of two that I’d taught to juggle with apples a couple of weeks ago—had brought my drink to what he thought was my table.  There were keys on the table...which weren’t mine.  The woman at the next table over said—I don’t know...a guy was there, he left, and he hasn’t been back.  I brought the keys up to the counter.  The man attached to the keys was at a different table.  I came back and chatted with the woman at the next table over...she works in a local children’s bookstore and we see one another around the downtown area.

It continues to fill me with gratitude that a day can begin this way... Colourful, peopled, productive, unexpected...Each aspect highlighting or making manifest an aspect of God... God who is never, ever, boring.

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Dee Kittany said...

I just love feeling the life that is bursting out of this post!