Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Gardens

Halifax Public Gardens

It’s textures that captivate me, and colours.
And nature’s infinite compassion 
for me still having this idea
that not so secretly pleases my spirit: 
if I look long enough, could let go
just so, I’d be on the inside and know
the interiority of a stone, the expansiveness
of blue, and the shiny tingle of perfection
when light and shape and Beingness align.

tend to mind if the eye dwells too long 
on a line or a curve,
on a sway or on a softness.
Other wild elements invite me to stillness,
to a looseness of mind and grandeur of heart
that sees the tracery holding panes of divinity 
in the molecules that call to me 
in the raw spectacle of a garden.

Beauty in the simplest; radiant complexity.
Harmonies to make me weep and contrasts
that leave me breathless and believing still
that being caught-up in wonder is 
an ache of the senses and accessible glory.

It is good for the soul
to have a place to wander free,
to behold and be permitted
the revelation of awe.

Kimberly M. King, RSCJ

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