Thursday, February 14, 2019

Mark me as one for Love

I recently saw a Social Media post on the RSCJ vocations page…it’s a video of a window cleaner having fun with children who are patients in the hospital he’s helping clean.  Creating bows, glasses, ‘staches, hats…out of suds, he takes pictures of them through the pane and shows them to get the kids laughing.  The text my friend used as the intro to the video is clear, straightforward, and to the point:  Love Wins.  Always.

I entirely believe that.  I believe it, have experienced it, and hold on to it.  And yet…at the same time, I don’t know that it’s a contest—Because Love Is.  Foreground or background, it IS because God Is.   Some people or circumstances highlight that, reveal it.  Sometimes we do everything we can to discover it. And some people or circumstances do their best to squelch it or willfully ignore it.

Why?  In both cases, I suspect it is precisely because Love is bigger, broader, more all encompassing, more liberating, more just, wise, merciful, compassionate, for all, and with all, than any other force or energy.  I have known all of this and it has made me stronger, softer, kinder, more myself, more able to love.

Also, Love is one of the most difficult things I have ever been a part of.  Staying at table when running away feels easier.  Watching someone run away and knowing there was nothing I could do but let them run.  Hearing truth spoken that rang too true and having the ache of self knowledge resonate within me.  Living in uncertainty and holding contradictions.

All of this and still… What else makes sense?  The world is a mess…and sometimes so is my heart…broken, messy, glorious, passionate, wandering, faithful, growing, harder, softer, gentler, colder, bolder, brave, vulnerable.

Given that…the reality of the world and my own humanity and my faith that Love is, that Love does not abandon, that Love beckons, emancipates good, and leads us home, what other choice could I possibly make?

Mark me as one for Love.


Clara rscj said...

Thank you for this...

Bill said...

Indeed! And God is Love... so He put this on my radar, when I most needed to see something like it, as my own love relationship is being challenged by time and space.

Thank you for this!