Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Word Made Flesh

Word Made Flesh

What is my account of how
and where and when and to what end
I have embodied Word?

We all need saving now and again.
I don’t mean saving because my soul is in danger
of wilting or wasting or slipping away because of 
boxes ticked or those left unmarked. I mean
saving that feels like reminding, remembering—
in a desperate fragile moment, or in the shimmy of surprise,
that this is what a hand feels like in your hand.
This is what it is to hold fast and to hold on;
This is You are not alone; this is 
the ground will not give way. This
is sunset begets stars and morning will follow.
This is the Word that holds atoms and galaxies
in swirling orbits of stunning grace;
This is the Word that looks like a no longer stranger
and tastes like the perfection of a just ripe plum.
This Word is the single note that hangs at the peak of a cathedral
and tumbles out rumbling thick when there’s fog upon the waters.

I have born witness to the Word; been saved
by this Word. Not because my soul was in danger.

But because Word seeks itself.
And it found me. It reminded me.
Of who I am and
and who we are.

And where we belong,
and to whom we pertain.

And, wonder and glory, 
and awe, and tears,
I believed. 

In freedom because of it, 
in Love for the passion of it,
I live with the broad and startling truth of Word.

So, my account of how
and where and when and to what end,
will be to answer the asking 
of the One who sends us forth—

Where are all the others?—

I want to be able to answer the Where with

Because of your Word in me, Here. And more than here, there.
And not yet. And within humanity and moving upon the Earth.
And I do not know, but oh, I look forward…

We all need saving now and again.
Not saving as though souls are in danger;
Saving that is Word seeking itself, 
reminding, re-membering.

Reminding each other by how we reveal it,
that Word is in its intimacy,
the form, the substance and beauty,
the Love, challenge, and mercy,
the constancy, the fidelity,
the creativity and wild diversity,
of God.

And it is of all, for all, with all,
as light is.  

Light that no darkness, forgetfulness,
aching, wandering, shall overcome.

-Kimberly M. King, RSCJ-

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