Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thank you, Happy Feast

7:13 AM. 
It is fitting that I should be at a harbour on the morning of your feast, Philippine.  I can imagine you would find your place here at the farmers' market--the vegetables and fruit would be familiar touchstones for you--and good coffee to warm the mind, hands, and soul.  Staring at the water, though-- I wonder if that would be hard for you?  Would the salt air remind you of things that ache in your heart?
Thank you for dreaming...for believing in the call God had for you.  Thank you for living elation and despair both with as much courage and grace as you did.  Without that, I would not be here now, living this journey of love's fullness within the Society...I would not be living this journey, trusting in the FOGLOMS(*) that nourish my own efforts at discovery and revelation/manifestation so that this world in such great need might know more love, more wonder and curiosity, more hope and justice, mercy, compassion, and awe.
Thank you, Rose Philippine Duchesne.  Please continue to pray for this little Society and for our world.   Amen.

(*) FOGLOMS...Fidelity of God, Love of my Sisters

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Unknown said...

Thank you Kim, this is really lovely and I can see you sitting at the market next to the harbour, this am and talking with Philippine. Bon Voyage and safe landing. Anne Marie