Thursday, February 13, 2014


Let me simply say this...what I know of love, I know in my bones, my heart, my molecules, my being. And I know it because I have experienced it and I share it with others. I am loved and I love and amen and thank you.

Valentines Day, 2014

This is about the touch-time, real-time,

now-time for all time

capital L love.

Love that speaks both stay and go

in syllables edged

with compassion’s fine embroidery,

Love that has danced in the light

on the far side of the star

and held Mystery in her arms.

Swing low chariot Love

that rocks the sleeping sun

and bears me home on the downward days.

Love that weaves my laughter

strengthens my step, lifts my head,

and calls for an Amen to the universe.

This is about the serious business

of making my way and

holding hands along the way and

opening out and ultimately into,

alleluia, ever becoming


Kimberly M. King, rscj

c. MperiodPress

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Cloister said...

what a beautiful poem! Thank you so much. I have been out of touch with the blogging world of late, partly because I have been wrapped up in Love. It is wonderful to make a return, and to read your wise, inspired words.