Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas, 2011

The sun is setting outside my window; I have one light on in my room; I am warm and sleepy and wrapped in quiet, filling, thanksgiving.

This year has brought with it a whole new understanding of the Incarnation of love...Love that was bold enough to make itself known in the nearness of humanity...Love that continues to reveal itself in our humanity....Love that is not bound to us in a fixed way, but utterly Alive...Alive and overflowing...allowing Love to meet more of itself in others and celebrate that encounter with laughter, friendship, quiet moments,prayer, listening, embracing, a depth of knowing, caring, sharing, Being with one another...rooted in and freed by Love that calls itself forth...

We help each other become more whole by the Love we share! By the ways we discover and make manifest the Aliveness of God!

The warmth that now fills me comes from knowing what that feels like in my soul...and being amazed at the Truth of it.

And that is worth celebrating...over and over again.

Merry Christmas

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