Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Blooming again...

The lilies seem to be blooming again, for which I am grateful. There for a while, I had my doubts...but sometimes I think a little break is not a bad thing. Nor is hearing from someone--"Don't let it go!"

I just had to wait a while, that is all. Wait for my heart to begin to grow into this new place I inhabit; wait for my mind to wrap around the fact that I wasn't where I was and would not find here what I found there; wait for my spirit to sigh and say, "Well, okay then."

Yes, though the fall has come in a crunchy palette of raining earth tones, there are flowers blooming too.

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Silvana rscj said...

Welcome back! Although your facebook status updates ("today I...") have had the quality of mini-blogposts!