Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From an Email

From an email I sent to Xavier in NYC, my wonderful, wonderful, parish there.

Know of my profound gratitude for all of the prayers and love sent from those at Xavier. As to how I am doing... I have only reasons to praise God while my heart is breaking to see the devastation and hear the stories and feel the "impotencia" of not being able to do much that can help. Right now, word from our community in Concepción and the news is that it is too dangerous to go to the region, though there are those here in this area who are organizing a caravan that will leave tomorrow. People suffered multiple times with nature. Now, the fear is the people themselves. The looting, the violence, the raids of houses, the fires, the complete, complete, chaos.

Just being here in Reñaca Alto, where damage was so minimal, the memory of that early morning still lives in my body. I know now that a 7 on the Richter Scale is worthy of a quick review of all that is most precious as one is made to dance along the shores of the Jordan... I can not imagine an 8.8....where the river, the land, the ocean herself, came to take away so much and so many. Fatalities up to 711 at last reporting.

No, safe to say, I was not expecting all this.


moira said...

We [aashla] are so happy you are safe! That was one heck of a quake! We are concerned about the community in Concepcion and the school there, and we are praying...

for aashla
IT Chair

Helen said...

Dear Kim,
I am concerned about your leg and swollen knee so please keep us posted.
I would also like all to know through Busqueda how much my heart and prayer has been with all in Chile; having lived in Concepcion, I felt very much a part of the suffering the quake has caused and all the aftermath, the not knowing, the tremors that continue, etc. I would like the Province to know how much we are united to them at this time.
Love and prayer, Helen