Monday, August 10, 2009

Another poem for Mary

Sometimes it feels so good to write a poem for Mary... I did the first one here and added another tonight. Can't really explain the mood that leads me to it...only that sometimes I just need the refreshment that comes with it. Like cold sasparilla on a hot day, a nap, a walk with quiet company.

That Free

I need you, Mary,
you and the others…
the women who gather
to praise and laugh and eat together.

The strong women, bold women
of life’s mysterious grace
who are free and at ease
in the beauty of being;

who can bear the weight
can dance the light
sing the pain
and drink the cup.

Oh yes, I see
and I want to be

that free, that free.

To say yes and amen
and pass me the pie
and how can I help
and can’t she sing well?

To say look at her go!
and want to come along?
and I am so tired
may I lean on your arm?

Oh Mary, in my praise-tinted,
glorious, fits of imagination,
I say Woman, I am glad
to be born one of you.


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