Friday, July 10, 2009

A Real Stretch...

From the Pals at Rev Gals...It's the Friday Morning Stretch!

So how about you and your beautiful temple of the Holy Spirit?

1. What was your favorite sport or outdoor activity as a child?

I enjoyed playing catch with baseball and mitt as well as with the frisbee. Favorite though...which plays into my responses for 4+5...well, does "going on a wander" count as an outdoor activity? Give me a bag, a length of rope for lassoing or climbing or knot tying or whathaveyou, and I could be perfectly happy for hours.

2. P.E. class--heaven or the other place?

Oh mercy. Need I say more?

3. What is your favorite form of exercise now?

I'd have to say that going on wanders is still my favorite. Heading out into the City with a backpack of necessaries and hitting the pavement for a good long walk.

4. Do you like to work out solo or with a partner?

Solo. But, I've also taken multi-hour walks with friends that have been terrific gifts.

5. Inside or outside?

Outside! It's a way to unify things, for me. Meaning, okay, I am doing something for my body by exercising, let me also offer my senses a feast too and let my mind either take an amble itself or have freedom to find the necessary place to work out whatever I have asked of it. Paper, reflection, essay, poem, situation...


Di said...

I'm seeing some real hand-eye coordination here! Fun play.

Dr. Laura Marie Grimes said...

You say what I feel about walking or biking outside--but so eloquently.

Kimberly said...

Mrs. father worked on instilling hand/eye in me as it was apparently evident at a youthful age that there wasn't going to be much there naturally! I have been forever grateful. Juggling helps too!

Thank you, Sophia, for stopping by and reading!