Friday, January 23, 2009

Arts and Drafts

I finished the draft of my discernment for final vows today. The process of writing it was a good one and I am glad to be done with the first iteration. Next comes final editing, hopefully complete within a week. Then, off it goes to those who will read it and respond to it.

It is a humbling experience to do this...humbling and listen for and be open to seeing/hearing the graceful, artful, movement of God in my being and life not in bits and pieces but rather a cohesive tale. The sonnet, the symphony, the abstract, the's all a part of finding voice and expression for the wonder of this journey. A student asked me recently what my vision is for what happens when we die. I said, "I believe we become the fullness of what we have sought all long..." The fullness of love, compassion, light, glory...because we are so open and so free...We are permeated with God, no inner or outer or one or the other, simply AH!" That is the direction I desire for my Life--encountering what I do not pretend to grasp but dearly hope and believe is more amazing than I could imagine. And it's already more than a little astounding.

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