Sunday, October 19, 2008

Honey Sweet Sounds

I had a chance to hear the group Sweet Honey in the Rock this afternoon-- it was an amazing experience! I have never watched and heard people sing!! It was simply spectacular and stunningly beautiful to watch the sound come to life in the whole body of the woman singing. Yes...that's it...sound coming to life.

Singing with It All
(after hearing Sweet Honey in the Rock)

I’m talking shoulders
dipping and swinging,
in a harmonious lovely
arrangement with hands
at the end of arms that
never end their reach
for the contours of the refrain.

I mean hips that curve
left and right with the bends
in the wide sweeping range
of vocalized rivers
pouring their currents
of sound over sound
down the bed of my soul.

I’m thinking of legs
that know how to step,
how to stand, how to flex,
how to strut, how to strengthen
and ground the sound
in the here, the now,
the reality of presence.

I’m hearing the voices
that sing with it all,
with every bit of beauty
that is the shape, and the sound,
and the feel, and the fullness
of women in song.


Anonymous said...

thank you very much for your lovely, expressive poem. we appreciate your support.

Kimberly said...


You are most welcome! I am at once glad and humbled that you stopped by and read my response to the concert--and also took the time to respond.

Thank you for the music!