Sunday, July 27, 2008

Into Being

I always believed in the power of language...but now, after this experience of a month in Mexico, it is far less about the power-potential of language than it is about the sacredness, the preciousness, the tenderness, the life-capacity of language... I understand in a different way the Genesis story. It is no trouble at all for me to believe that God spoke and things came in to being. I saw friendship born in my midst that way these last weeks. I saw love dancing and hearts singing, work happening, and stories being shared. Not perfectly, not even grammatically closeto perfection sometimes, but with the motivation of love and care, the words were clear. Graceful, grace full stuff.


Processing Counselor said...

So, you should be back? Welcome back!

Kimberly said...

I am back late, late, Wednesday (tomorrow) evening. For now, am in Mexico City again. Got here yesterday after two days in Guadalajara.

I am ready and not so ready to be headed back. Ready to see friends and family, yes...ready for the pace of living and English all around? That will be a challenge, I think.

See you Sunday, I hope!