Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Soaked in Rain and Glory

I went on a picnic yesterday...complete with friend, egg salad, onion rolls, plums, drinks, and a bench along the Hudson. We spoke of many things, as we always do. Those things gradually began to include the lightning off in the distance, the curtains of rain visible in the clouds beyond us, and the increasing choppiness of the water. As we gathered up to walk back to her apartment, there grew an intimate immediacy to these topics. Big, fat, wet drops began dappling down and quenching the summer thirst for relief from the ordinary. We walked in the rain, got thoroughly soaked, and then had cups of tea after towelling off and finding/borrowing dry tee shirts.

It was rather fun, to tell the truth. Usually rain is seen as a deterrent to picnicing... here it was sort of an added bonus. Ah, the gift of perspective...and company that shares it.