Sunday, February 17, 2008

Harmonious Unity

Harmonious Unity

Mine are the heavens and mine is the earth*-
all that is seen and unseen.
Mine the Word that darkness
shall never overcome,
And the angels, and the Mother of God , Mystical Rose,
who prays for us now and at the hour of our death.

The elephant, eagle, platypus, and daffodil—mine.
Mine the Wisdom who danced first with God.
Poets, taletellers, the Story itself,
all for me.

Mine the wind who brushes her hair
while wending through the pines,
and bottles of ink celestial, stirring
to shower stardusted syllables
on unsuspecting fallow fields.

The mockingbird weaving new life
into borrowed measure and verse—mine.
And mine the humid hint of freshness
borne in the morning fog.

Mine are the sonnets, the rain, and the symphonies—
mine is the moonrise, the sunset, the waltz.
Eclipses, atoms, tempests, and flame—

The planets, the fossils, the rivers, and tides,
the questions, the glory, the unknown mysterious—
mine and all for me. And I am all for them.

And I am all for them- because I have in me
the expanse of the universe and in the expanse of the universe-
which includes the perfection of a plum-
is the form, and substance,
and beauty of God.

And I am all for them- because I have been given
breath and insight, hope and wonder, by God
who burned in a bush that was not consumed
so as to be seen by one attentive enough to notice.

And I am all for them and they are all for me
because God is all for them
and God is all for me and so

May we each reflect in the ocean of our actions and being
the harmonious unity of Creation,
brought forth by a God of love,
fostered or hindered by our behaviors and attitudes,
necessary for justice, for peace, for the health and integrity of all.

*This line taken from John of the Cross-The Sayings of Light and Love


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