Saturday, August 23, 2008

Que te disfrutes...That you may enjoy

I have just returned from spending two days in the apartment of a friend who is on retreat. Her apartment is on the 27th floor of the building and has one large window facing more or less west and one on large window facing more or less east. The bed where I slept was along side that eastern facing stretch of wonder.

I say it that way because the first morning I was there, I awoke at four in the morning to face a sight of such incredible glory--a full wave of radiant orange and red, centered with a round glowing blessing of love, rising over the City. I could do nothing but weep in thanksgiving for the privilege of being awake at just that moment of its fullness.

It was an interesting thing to write about it afterward for me...the words to describe my experience at that time kept coming out in Spanish...telling, to me, though of what I do not yet know...except that I am grateful and grateful and grateful.

Ay, la belleza de éstos días... el sol baja en una ventana del salon y sube en la otra al lado de la cama en que estoy durmiendo. Me desperté a las cuatro hoy, y allí estaba, tan rojo y anaranjado, subiendo sobre la ciudad...una manifestación de Dios, para mi. Los colores, la belleza, la naturaleza...Creo que hay cosas en la vida que sean simplemente regalos para gozar...tan cariñoso es el amor de Jesús. En momentos así, siento un libertad completo, un unión profundo con la omnipresencia de su amor...como si mis brazos, mi corazón, mi ser, extiendan al mundo completo.

Oh the beauty of these days... the sun sets in one window of the living room and rises in the other, alongside the bed where I am sleeping. I awoke at four this morning and there it was, so red and orange, rising over the city... a manifestation of God, for me. The colors, the beauty, the naturalness... I believe there there are some things in life that are simply gifts to enjoy- so tender and caring is the love of Jesus. In moments like this, I feel a complete liberty, a profound union with the omnipresent love of though my arms, my heart, my being, extend to the whole world.

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