Friday, June 21, 2019

Photos in Words (Mostly...)

19 June, 2019...In the heady coffee-cinnamon humidity of No. 9 Coffeeshop. Paul Simon overhead. Your colours were a brief and glorious glimpse of flair this morning. The peach gradient on the horizon, rather spectacular. And the clouds and trees upon the water—as though they needed a reflection to adjust night flattened branches or to fresh fluff their vapor in preparation for the new day. And thank you for the company of the woman to my right who also has a book and seems quietly pleased for the caffeinated, sweet spiced, stillness we share. 

20 June, 2019... 7:50 AM Public Gardens on a bench at the Summer Street side point of a triangle using the large gazebo and Horticulture Hall as the other two points. Something I have noticed:  People stop to talk to the ducks who search out their breakfast in the dew-cool grasses.  And, I am one of them.  I am interested in the fact that these wobbly diners choose to walk beneath the benches and not around them.  So it was again this morning when two females brushed by my ankle with only a slight rolling crunch of pea gravel beneath their paddlers and the gentle-edged mur-mur-mur-mur  of each one offering aloud her private morning commentary without expectation of a response from the other.  The first one turned to look at me—She had a curly blade of grass across her beak.  Condensation had stuck it there like a handlebar moustache.  I thought to mention it to her as she tilted her head in assessment of my presence.  Apparently I posed no threat and she was content with her adornment because the two of them waddled out a place for themselves in the grass directly across from me.  When I stood to leave, I thanked them for their company.

21 June, 2019...Pouring rain...thought ‘Ugh,´ if I don´t leave the house now, I´ll never go out today... So off I went on a circuit of the Gardens and then into one of my favorite haunts.   I walk in to witness two of the baristas teaching themselves how to juggle with sweet potatoes. Me: If you have apples it’s easier... The two of them: You can juggle?? WAIT, Here! And they toss me three apples. The next fifteen minutes or so are filled with laughter and a lesson on the basic principles of juggling. And then I sat down and did some work... The world is full of fresh hells and is unraveling at so many seams...yet, there is still joy to be noted and simple good fun to be had while working to make it better for more. 

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