Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Longing, the Universe, Cinnamon, and You

Photo used with permission  of Denise Pyles
When I was in undergrad, I had not yet joined the Catholic church. I was in the midst of learning a whole new vocabulary for my relationship with God and a friend  told me that the church just off of campus was open late into the evening and perhaps I would enjoy going over there to sit and pray in the quiet stillness.
I remember well exploring different aspects of St. Thomas'.  I would trace the smooth spirals in the ends of the pews and marvel at the worn wooden statue of Mary that had such a kind, human face to her.  I remember the slightly spicy, waxy smell and the feeling of nearness.  And, I remember finding the book.  There was a place to write to God!  I thought this was fantastic.  

I wrote pages and pages in this book over the course of my evening visits.  Only later did I realize that the book was actually the community book of petitions... 

Truth be told, though...even today, sometimes the only thing I know to do with how I feel is to write to God…

Longing, the Universe, Cinnamon, and You.

There are times I ache

when beauty presents herself…

When she surprises me

with her seasonal finery

stitched of colors and textures

too astounding for store-bought.

When she sighs and loosens and fills

acts of simple human kindness,

the touch of another that grounds,

that reminds, that knows and that sees.

And sometimes,

sometimes the ache spills over

into syllables on a page, into a tear

on a salt path home to the ocean,

into a feeling woven gently

of longing and the universe and

cinnamon and you.

Kimberly M. King, RSCJ


Unknown said...

Hi Kimberley. Have just come across your blog through a FB page "All This Life and Heaven too" which, I presume has some sort of an rscj connection too. That page liked our page (Jamberoo Abbey in Australia). The wonders of social media! Anyway, was intrigued by the word "cinnamon" in the title mentioned on FB so have just clicked on the link and read your poem...absolutely love it and have saved in my Inspiration folder! Had to laugh at your writing screeds in the petition book!! You probably plagued some poor sacristan who uttered, "oh no, not this person again" every time he/she collected the book to write the prayers for the week! lol

Do you know Anne Corry rscj? She is your international justice person from Aus/NZ region now based in Rome. She is a good friend of mine as we worked together in a Loreto college in Sydney for many years before she re-entered.

Anyway, thanks for your blog and your poem and blessings from Down Under!

Kimberly said...

Thanks for stopping by and for your comments, Jennine! I'll look for Jamberoo Abbey! Yes, All this Life and Heaven Too is maintained by an RSCJ from England. As you say, the wonders of Social Media! Cheers from Canada!