Sunday, November 17, 2013

Real time

I came across this quotation the other day and I have not been able to shake it from my mind. Some of its power comes from timing. I read it on the anniversary of a sad and difficult event in my life. Just about a year ago now, I was with a family member I love at the end of a driveway and I said goodbye. Though imminent death was not a part of it, It was in many ways a final goodbye, a letting go, a wrenching sigh.

Some of why I nod in silent agreement while reading this is my own experience of covenant with God...My own lived assurance that "Nothing can separate you from my love." Nothing. walk on. walk with your head up. Live. speak what truth there is to speak. Love beautifully and let yourself be loved. Love even though the honor to do so is sometimes difficult and tragic and renders each breath an ache, at least for a while.

And some of why I like this so much is the pure simplicity of it. It is Real. Real like hurt is real...but real too like friends are real. Friends that welcome my company and who offer me theirs. Friends who hug and hold and bless and send. Friends who teach me by the truth they speak and who allow me the privilege of sharing truth with them as well.

Real like the heart is the heart is real and sacred. Real like the Heart where what is most gloriously divine and most completely human meet.

Do not be afraid... There is tragedy and there is beauty... I have known both...and learned over time to allow myself to walk with both... Because it is the walk that I don't want to miss...the journey...ever deeper, ever onward, never alone.

And I have learned that sometimes it's just fine to stop for coffee along the way.




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Unknown said...

Just what I needed today! Love and thanks, dear Kim. S x