Friday, November 25, 2011

Two from the Beach

Walking the Tides

God? I love
being able to tell you
how much I enjoy our conversations
when I walk with my sea-hair free...
wavy and tangled and just a bit wild,
as the heron is wild with an urge
to rise on the lift of salted wind.

And, I like feeling you
warm on my face,
full in the heart,
in the smooth time sitting
clean and relaxed
after the trade wind flying.

Thank you for understanding.

c. MperiodPress

Canticle of Flying, II

Teach me to fly, oh Mary of the Sea!
To skim the waves and dip my wings
into the salted ink of light;
to write my praise upon the clouds
and leave my mark upon the sand!

Leave my mark as feet among a flock
who turn together to face the wind
as a sign to others of being ready to rise,
to rise and go where bidden
by the currents and tides.

Mary of the Sea, I want to fly!
To you and toward you,
and with you and through your grace...
Let me feel you in my feathered soul
and lift, and go, and Yes!

c. MperiodPress

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