Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dear God, It could begin many different ways.

I could start with

enchiladas, guacamole,
agua de jimaica,
quesadillas, limonada,
té de albahaca...

I could start with

compañera, friend,
quiet sitting
being, laughing
living free...

I could start with

roosters, rooftops,
rising above
the poverty of certainty
youth wanting to serve...

But were I to begin a poem for you about these last eleven days, I think I´d begin with this...

You astound me with love
surround me with glory becoming
and danced with the birds yesterday morning.
Thank You.

1 comment:

Natasha said...

you seem so sincere. it is a freshing wind. bless you in your seeking and enjoyment of His world.