Friday, May 20, 2011

Words! Friday Five from RevGals

So my suggestion for today's Friday Five is to write about 5 words you really like. Please explain why you have chosen each word, in such ways as:

It is a

* description or attribute of yourself
* activity you enjoy
* word that is spelled or pronounced in an interesting way
* passion of yours
* word that brings you hope, peace, or comfort
* word you like to repeat or sing

AUGH! How perfect a Friday Five can this be??

1. combines contemplation with entertaining the unseen possibility of with thinking with imagination and mulling and seeing "mas allá"--beyond what is immediate. Love this approach to encountering life.

2. Glory ... Oh, how I love this word. It is a word of Light, Hope, Wonder, Fullness, Promise, Wholeness...this word absolutely Lives for me. It has dimension, color, activity...

3. Shalom... the multiple layers and all encompassing blessing and wish for well has a grounded depth that I find strengthening to both offer and receive.

4. stand for all of those coined words that aren't really words but should be. This was my contribution from when I was a young child. I was trying to explain something to members of my family and they were not taking me seriously so my frustration I said "No, in all...seriosity..." and whatever the point was I was making.

5. Antofagasta...the name of a city in northern Chile. I was (okay, AM) so enamored of the way this sounds when I say it...I have no idea why, really. Except, it has hints of a wondrous place that I used to tell myself stories about as a young was a magical place where all sorts of things would happen...and I had NO idea it was a real place until years later... Guatemala. I suppose it was the most exotic sounding place I'd ever heard at the time...couldn't have been more than six or seven.


RevDrKate said...

Great list, I especially like seriosity...and can sense your earnest young self coming up with it. Very apt!

Wendy said...

I love your story about Guatemala.

Elaine (aka...Purple) said...

I love your creativity with creating new words.

Sharon said...

Shalom is such a great word! Thanks for that reminder and also for the nudge to remember the joy of made up words that find their way into family lore. Thanks!

Sandy said...

I love Shalom. I need that word a little more in my life. And I will definitely start using "seriosity!" Thank you!

Jan said...

"seriosity" will become a word here, too. The sounds and lilting of the names are lovely.

Helen said...

I found five words that came at once: joy, integrity, transparent, heart, and grateful. I also thought of cellar door as I read once that it is one of the most musical in
our language; it does not signify a basement door to me but an outside tornado refuge or the entrance to mystery.