Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Large, the Little, and All

The Large, the Little, and All

You have given me the large, the little, and all.

My body with curves and quirks and breath to fill it,
and a mind, a heart, and the complement of senses;
the plot and the characters of my life,
the turns of the journey that leads me free
and leads me always, and always home-
Home to generous and forgiving you, home to loving you,
home in the open heart, come to me,
eternal you.

You, in whose image I
am created to bear your syllables breathed,
your radiant Word spoken and made known
so that your glory might take on bone and blood
at the beginning and in your son and at my own birth.
Seen best directly, straight on and exposed,
no shade of fear, no cloak of doubt…
Oh how it shines where your love is home!

Your son died for me- you suffered to give me all.
A love that rises, love that seeks and stays, and says Always
and says Everywhere and Nothing can separate you from me, ever.
The complete love that says Do this and Remember me,
follow, serve, be broken open, welcome, accept,
lay down your life, take up your cross…
Your verse of life, your full humanity, your body given
that I might be freed by Love.

Grace upon grace, your love fills my life!
I am not worthy—but I am grateful.
When I wander, you remain.
When I avoid, you challenge.
When I need, you give.

In the large, the little and all,
it is enough that you love me.

c. MperiodPress

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Karen S. Scott said...

So beautiful. I miss your Advent series this year...I was glad to see this posted! It is breathtaking...