Friday, July 30, 2010

Trite, but True! I-Heart-NYC

Back in the Saddle with Friday 5 and RevGalBlogPals! It's the I-Heart-NYC edition!

Friday Five: Love the One You're With

This Friday Five will post while I'm at the beach which for me is more than a vacation destination, it is a trip home. I have found it quite easy to wax nostalgic about the places I used to live (well, except for one) and have begun to wonder what it is I like about the place I'm living now? For instance I sure do love the beach, but this picture was taken about 30 minutes away from my house - not too shabby!

And so I ask you to please name five things you like about where you are living now... and as your bonus - 1 thing you don't like.

1. Diversity Diversity Diversity!! New York is a slice of the world passing by! Languages, faces, politics, food, histories, mysteries... Love it. People watching is the best free thing going in the City.

2. Public transportation! Yes, the rate hikes are getting ridiculous, but you can get practically anywhere... fabulous.

3. You WILL fit somewhere here in the City. Got a unique interest? Someone else does here too. Haven't found a place you feel comfortable elsewhere? Bet you will here--though it might take effort to find it, it's here waiting for you.

4. Parks and public spaces--funky finds all over. Little surprises of green civility.

5. Walkability and ease of finding one's way in Manhattan. Three cheers for the grid system! (Until you get far enough south...but....) Going out on a wander just to see what there is to see is such an awesome thing here. Hidden independent coffee shops, historical markers, unique architectural details, flower stalls, fruit displays, public art...

And one thing I don't like...

Let's just imagine... 8 million people and their garbage + an insanely hot summer. Sometimes it just plain stinks.

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