Friday, October 16, 2009

Two prayers/Dos Oraciones

Here are two prayers I have recently written. The experiences leading to each one have been unique in my life. Enriching, provoking, questioning, refreshing and frustrating in the way that newness can sometimes be. One of the beautiful things is that I think they sound better in Spanish...and for me, that is something incredible. I prefer the images that are brought to mind with the phrasing and the sounds. Wild, mystical, and amazing, that.

Llevo en mi bolsa al álter de Dios todo que me asombra y me confunde, todas las maravillas y todas mis dudas, traigo ausencia y deseo y necesidad- y con ternurna, con reveréncia, las dejo contigo en la seguridad que mañana mi bolsa otra vez estará llena. Aunque no entiendo lo que estás haciendo en mi, tengo la confianza que será fuerte, suave, y bella.

I bring in my satchel to the altar of God all that delights and confuses, all that brings wonder and all that brings doubt. I bring absence and desire and need--and gently, reverently, I leave them with you knowing that tomorrow, my satchel will again be full. I do not understand what you are making in me, but I have confidence that it will be strong, soft, and beautiful.


Cuando cierro mis ojos, veo la oscuridad; si los abro, puedo ver tu corazón. Cuando cierro mis oídos, oigo la soledad; si los abro, puedo oir tus olas, tus rios, y la emoción de la lluvia. Cuando cierro mis manos, puedo protegerme; si las abro, puedo dar y recibir.

Ayúdame estar siempre en la abertura de tu amor.

When I close my eyes, I see the darkness; if I open them, I see your heart. When I close my ears, I hear lonliness; if I open them, I am able to hear your waves, your rivers, and the emotion of the rain. When I close my hands, I can protect myself; if I open them, I am able to give and receive.

Help me to always be in the openness of your love.

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