Monday, August 31, 2009

Two Found Poems

Found in my old journals, that is.

I have been filling my father's worn, scarred, but still strong Filson briefcase with my journals to pack them away as I clear out of my room in anticipation of the coming adventure to Chile. I was flipping through several volumes as I placed them side by side in the brass zippered case, reminiscing about where I was, what was going on, and rediscovering expressions of my theology.

Here are two poems I found in those pages.

John's Prologue

Taste with your ears
the spiced syllable story of
Gospel honey.

Is it any wonder the bees
the way they do?


Gonna Be Alright

My deep rooted oak
wilds of the ocean
free dancing
fruit stand colorful
lights of the city
arms of a friend
Gospel music singing, God?

my deep feeling
ancient of days
word painting
human friend?

Is it all gonna be alright?

Can you feel me in the wind-
catch me floating on sweet olive air?
Do you see me on a city block walk?

Listen for me
in the ping of rain on roofs
Feel the warm weight
of me in you at center.

And know
gonna be alright.


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