Sunday, March 8, 2009

From the journal

10:35 AM At Xavier

I can hear the choir practicing behind closed doors. For the writing moment, I have stepped out of my usual seat and found a perch along the old altar rail, using two soup-can diameter columns to support my back. The glow from the spot and candles in front of the large crucifix throws shadows on the page for me to enjoy. The one I like most is watching where the shadow of the pen tip meets the page. In an abstract sort of way, it is as though there is writing coming forth from the page itself. I find myself watching the movement of the "tinta sombreada" and wondering what it might say...even though I know that I am the one actually moving it along. Kind of a cool thing. What will be revealed? There is a certain relationship implied in revelation, isn't there? One discovers on one's own...but the revelation takes another. Hmm.

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