Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday Five

Turns out yesterday was Johnny Appleseed Day--here are the RevGal Friday Fives in his honor...

1. What is your favorite apple dish?

Apple Crisp--great memories from childhood; Also, made it once in community and it became a favorite birthday request. Also, great for breakfast the following day...uhhh, those rare times there's any left in the pan!

2. Have you ever planted a tree? If so was there a special reason or occasion you can tell us about?

Planted, no--but honored one that was 150+ years old, yes. We had a whole ceremony to honor the Duchesne Oak at the school where I worked in Lousiana.

3. Does the idea of roaming around the countryside (preaching or otherwise) appeal to you? Why or why not?

Yes--I've been told my theme song could be Don't Fence me In--this plays into it. Always meeting new people, exploring, sharing something I love and that is drawn forth from me in the exploration and meeting new people.

4. Who is a favorite "historical legend" of yours?

I do like Johnny Appleseed--Paul Bunyan too, actually. Hmm...would Rosie the Riveter count?

5. Johnny Appleseed was said to sing to keep up his spirits as he traveled the roads of the west. Do you have a song that comes when you are trying to be cheerful, or is there something else that you often do?

Actually, I have a tree that I love--it fills the end of the street as I walk to school each morning. I love watching her change with the seasons, standing there each morning, waiting for me, clapping her greens, waving her branches, dancing with the breeze, cradling the birds.

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leah said...

thanks for visiting my blog--I esp love your answer to #5. Did I comment on the St. John's Bible last time I was here? I love that you're displaying a page from it. When I visited the DSS exhibit, I bought a small but full-color book of the St. John's Bible. Have a blessed week!