Sunday, April 20, 2008

Two Magical Cats

I have a new print on my wall. It is a gift from a friend with whom I went to the Met this morning. We stopped outside to speak with an artist she knew who had a table of his prints displayed. This one is of two striped cats staring at each faces, just orange stripes and cat bodies and whiskers looking up and down at each other from the top and bottom of a set of outside steps. The one at the bottom has the advantage of also seeing the crescent moon behind her night time companion. It is so easy to imagine the conversation that preceeds their adventure. Somehow I think it might be in a French accent--

Two Cats Prior
to a Nighttime Carouse

Shall we?
I seem
to be caught
by the moon,
by the magical
mystical, mischief
making moon.

Your whiskers
are curling…
Are they?
Your tail, it is
tipped with
a metronome's twitch…

Can you feel
the night
in your fur?

I am nearly electric,

Be-bop, hip-hop,


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