Friday, December 28, 2007

It Was a Very Good Day

I struggled with what to call this entry. I went back and forth between the one I chose and "Notions," "Flips," and several others. This one won out because, bottom line, that is what I am writing about and there is no need to be fancy or flourished about it.

I had called a dear friend of mine to let her know that I was going to be at my mother's home for several days at Christmastime but would not have access to a vehicle. If she had the energy and desire, would she ever consider a drive to come see me? I left this on her machine several days before I left home knowing that the likelihood of her being able to make the two hour trip was slim--but nonetheless, secretly hoping she would say yes.

The third morning I was with Mom, she called asking, "What if I came this afternoon?" My response was a heart-instinctive "I'll be doing flips in the driveway until you arrive." She laughed and began shoveling out so she could get on the road. I told my mother what was going on and she responded with "She's crazy to drive all that way for just a couple of hours!" My response was simply "Well, I must be worth it to her...our friendship must be worth it to her..." What a feeling to have well inside.

My friend arrived and we went to a local coffee shop--we were the only two there in an old home, brightly painted with art hanging on the walls. With lattes and a shared ginger cookie, we curled into cushy armchairs and spent several hours enjoying conversation and mutual presence. We talk on the phone regularly but haven't seen each other face to face for several years now. For too long, now.

We hugged at the beginning, we hugged at the end, and she called to say that she'd made it home, having picked up some ice-melt along the way because heavy snow is predicted for today.

Just as there can be difficulties wrapping a present of unique proportion or shape, there is also no way to wrap words around some events or feelings.

Today, the snow is heavy outside. I am inside, writing, reading, and thinking. My friend is safe in her home.

Yesterday was a very good day.


John said...

I think you wrapped up that gift quite nicely, friend. No need to gild the lily, as the saying goes.

Hope the rest of the visit managed to retain some of the flavor of that magic day in armchairs.

Kimberly said...


Thanks... Sometimes I wonder if things "read" more to me because I know the inner-life of the syllables. Glad to know the magic came through.

Yes, it has been a good visit overall. It will also be good to go back home to familiar patterns and ways...though with an extra bit of sparkle in my pocket.